SPORTS-TRACKER.COM – Marathon 47 kilometers?!

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, in some other forums I have criticized this new hyped It might be that my criticism is focusing on something that might be a matter of opinion. For example, I could assume that it may well be, that my laptop doesn’t have enough RAM or the CPU is too slow to play around with the site. This is another story, and I have told @sportstracker that I will provide them my points in detail.

However, now it seems that I truly have something that might be considered as an issue of some substance.

I was brave enough (or stupid) to take part in Helsinki City Marathon today. Well, the lazy jog turned into a disaster at 20k mark when my hamstrings decided that it was time to play around a bit. Needless to say, I lost this game 12-0 to hamstrings and by 30k mark it was time to start walking – only occasionally attempting to take steps which commonly are recognized as running steps. I finished in 6 hours with a fake grin on my face.

So, to the point. By 17k mark I happened to take a look at my E72 which has this highly hyped sports-tracker software in it. To my great surprise it showed that I had traveled not 17k’s but 19k’s!!! Well, I was so pissed off when I realized that it may be that I had trained with false km’s, that I didn’t take a look at it until I finished. Guess what? sports-tracker shows that I did 47k’s today!!! I could prove this by sharing the uploaded exercise but I haven’t figured out how this sharing works with this new fancy software. (I don’t use Facebook)

However, could you guys at Sports-tracker please give some explanation to this. Did I do 47 or 42,x kilometers today, or what? Who is wrong: your software or Helsinki City Marathon judges? Should I make a protest? Please reply ASAP, because I think that approx 10 percent error is significant indeed. But, then again, who knows, maybe I did something wrong, maybe the fault is in E72, Nokia, or whoever… But let’s see what the guys reply.



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