‘Love Plus’ Resort Caters To Men With Virtual Girlfriends

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Atami, a seaside resort town in Japan, is aiming to give tourism a boost by catering to male enthusiasts of Love Plus, a dating simulation game, according to Discovery News.

The town, formerly a popular destination for couples in love, has partnered with gaming company Konami Digital Entertainment, the creators of Love Plus, to establish a resort that brings together the virtual girlfriend and her real-world paramour in a beach-side setting.

Love Plus is described by Konami spokesman Kunio Ishihara as an extended scenario in which the real-life “beau” plays a high school boy character in a relationship with a virtual girl. “The goal,” Kunio Ishihara told Discovery News, “is to see how good you can be to her [the virtual girlfriend] and to build a relationship.” And what better way to reach a digital woman’s heart than by whisking her away for a romantic weekend by the sea?

via huffingtonpost.com


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