UGG Australia: Behind the Brand – WSJ. Magazine – WSJ

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
Last year, UGG Australia sold nearly $712 million of sheepskin footwear—more than Sam Adams sold beer ($415.1 million), Smith & Wesson sold guns ($334.9 million), the New York Yankees sold baseball ($375 million) and Marie Callender’s sold apple pie ($536 million). Extraordinary success when you consider that until recently in Australia, the land of their origins, seasonal sheepskin boots had always been an item of scorn, with no self-respecting wearer wishing to be caught outside the home sporting the footwear first fashioned by shearers to keep their toes from turning blue in the shearing sheds. But reviled or revered, these days you would be hard-pressed to find anyone, anywhere, who hadn’t heard of—or worn—this PT Cruiser of footwear.

read the full story here —->


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