Mount Everest has ‘no Wi-Fi’ and ‘too much snow’

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
Mount Everest Google MapsMount Everest has only managed a two-and-a-half-star rating on Google Maps due to issues like faulty elevators.

In the tradition of the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt reviewing craze resulting in over 20,000 very tongue-in-cheek user reviews on it’s Amazon product page, Neatorama discovered the denizens of the Internet (mostly from have begun submitting user reviews on Google Maps for Mount Everest.

And not just one or two … 64 helpful typists have submitted their thoughts on the world’s highest mountain.  

Here are a few of the most snarky:

No Wi Fi: Contrary to popular belief there is actually NO Wi Fi availability here at all. None. The coffee, however, and the friendly attitude of the locals more than makes up for this and I would happily visit again. But I can’t give it 5 stars, however good the ‘view’ is.‎”

Essentials: My mate said he climbed it with runners but I would suggest hiking boots as the Khumbu ice-fall can get slippery at times…you don’t want to roll an ankle. You should also buy enough smokes and red bull for the return trip as there are no shops along the way.‎”

Skip this one: The views are great… IF YOU LOVE LOOKING AT SNOW 😦 Skip this one and go to Hawaii where you can ride a bike back down the mountain!‎”

Good, if not for the Yeti: The view was awesome, the trek was great, but wasn’t able to enjoy it all because was to sleepy. The Yeti was very rude, just wouldn’t stop partying at night. I suggest a good noise canceling headphones.‎”

Bring a backup credit card: They don’t take Discover up there. Bring another card or some animal skins as trade. All rental vehicles have four legs.‎”

Lame: No valet service and the Sherpas barely spoke any English.‎”

For the rest, go to the user review page on Google Maps for Mount Everest.

With so many reviews for Mount Everest in just a couple days, we wonder how long it will continue. The Internet gets bored notoriously quickly. Next target of sarcastic opportunity … how about the Atlantic Ocean?




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