Hasselblad Squeezes 200MP Images By Shaking a 50MB Sensor

Posted: May 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hasselblad’s new 50MP camera shakes its sensor to capture 200MP images

Hasselblad’s new H4D-200MS takes 200 megapixel images, which result in massive 600MB files. So big are these images that Hasselblad recommends you hook the camera up to a hard drive instead of using a memory card. The camera itself “only” has a 50MB sensor, though, so how does it do this magic?

To record these ultra hi-res images, the H4D-200MS actually moves its sensor, taking six individual shots and combining the results. It’s like making a panorama, only the photos line up way better because neither the camera nor the lens moves.

When taking the shot, the camera snaps six different exposures, moving the sensor 1.5 pixels at a time. This not only allows big images, it also gives better color information. Normally a camera has different colored pixels next to each other and it kind of averages out the various brightnesses of these pixels to guess both color and brightness. But because the Hasselblad moves its pixels around, each pixel site is recorded by a red, a green and a blue pixel. This should give great color accuracy, just like Sigma’s Foveon chips.

The downside is that this process takes 30 seconds to complete, so you’ll not only have to lock the thing down on a tripod, you’ll have to tell all your assistants to hold their breath.

You can also shift down a gear and shoot single 50MP images, as well as a four-shot version combo.

Care to take a guess at the price? Nope, try doubling that. That’s closer. The H4D-200MS will cost you $45,000. And if you have a crappy old HD-50MS lying around, you can pay Hasselblad $10,000 to upgrade it for you.

H4D-200MS product page [Hasselblad via DP Review]


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