This Amazon Tribe could’ve been slaughtered by drug traffickers!

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
Brazil’s National Indian Foundation says a guard post protecting the country’s recently discovered, uncontacted Amazon tribe was overrun by heavily armed men believed to be Peruvian drug traffickers. The tribe gained world wide attention after airplanes took aerial footage of the estimated 200 person group in February. The foundation told AP that the outpost was attacked late in July by what they belive were drug traffickers from Peru that chased away members of the isolated tribe living in the area. The aid group Survival International reports that foundation workers found one of the traffickers ‘rucksaks’ or backpacks with a broken tribal arrow inside. “Arrows are like the identity card of uncontacted Indians. We think the Peruvians made the Indians flee. Now we have good proof. We are more worried than ever. This situation could be one of the biggest blows we have ever seen in the protection of uncontacted Indians in recent decades. It’s a catastrophe,” Carlos Travassos, the head of the Brazilian government’s isolated Indians department, said to Survival International. Police have also found a 20kg cocaine package near the tribe and are in the Amazon searching for remaining drug traffickers in the area, according to the Survival International report released Monday.


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